The UK Smart Meter Programme will centralise meter operations and data services. The Smart DCC has been tasked with this great undertaking. 

The Smart DCCs has a central role in the operation of Smart Meters built to the SMETS2 standard initially and then later taking on those compliant with SMETS1. The role rightly acknowledges the crucial security concerns raised by Smart Meters as the DCC builds new critical national infrastructure. The DCC has responded with a robust security solution and a rich set of meter management messaging. 

Making use of these new services can be challenging for suppliers. It can be even more challening to ensure that the substantial investment in SMETS1 assets can be protected through their natural lifespan. 

That is why Reverve has created Smart Trust Server, a Cloud platform that manages the Smart DCC interface for energy suppliers and goes further to allow transparent adoption of SMETS1 meters into the DCC service set. This means that these meters continue work and supplier billing and customer care processes continue uninterrupted. 

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