DCCAE has launched a new Energy Efficiency survey. Participants can complete the survey online. Closing Date: 25 October 2017.

The Irish Department of Communication, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) has launched a consultation process for the long awaited Renewable Heat Incentive. Interested parties are asked to respond by 03 March 2017. The Incentive could be a significant driver for investment in renewable heat technologies in Ireland. It is particularly welcome to see biogas included in the Incentive consultation. This sector, well established across Europe has a significant chance of success in Ireland and could help meet the EU's 2020 Renewable Heat target of 12%.

The Data Communication Company (DCC) has now passed the contingency go-live date for launch of its Release 1.2 smart services platform.

Industry participants had been expecting an end September launch which moved to the contingency date of end October. The DCC platform has not yet gone live and DCC has not announced a revised date for services launch. The platform is pre-requisite for rollout of the standardised SMETS2 smart meters across the UK to meet the Government's target of deploying 53 million of these meters by 2020. In the interim, the industry remains in the Foundation Phase of the Smart Meter programme with suppliers deploying SMETS1 meters in large quantities. These meters have some remaining challenges for customers wishing to 'switch and stay smart'. DCC's platform hopes to overcome this challenge for those on SMETS2 meters.

The French ruling socialist party has cast further doubt on the proposed Hinkley C nuclear plant by declaring its support for unions at EDF. The unions strongly oppose the project, believing it could jeopardise the financial stability of EDF. The Socialist Party has also questioned the strategic value of the Hinkley project following Brexit, the UK decision to leave the EU.